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Welcome 2018, SME Response Inc.

Welcome 2018, SME Response Inc.

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! I am back after a stay at home and cold (really cold, even for Canadian standards) holiday break. I was able to get some nice time with the family and even got some ski days in. It was quiet on the family front but we were busy on the business and company front.

We were pleased to celebrate 2018 with Calgary based Chemistry Matters team last Friday.


2018 CMI Calgary Team Holiday Dinner

We are back and running into 2018 with lots of project work and many new goals to accomplish this year.

In addition to continuing to grow the Chemistry Matters team, I have partnered to launch SME Response Group. SME Response is the go to group for providing an integrated response to spills through a group of subject matter experts and partner companies. Our team at SME provides scientific leading-edge knowledge to spills to keep the project and the science on track through all stages of the spill response. The SME Response team provides the expertise needed for the best decision making at the beginning of a spill but also the credentials to carry the knowledge and information through to potentially litigious outcomes if required.

My role with SME Response is to provide the latest in innovation and technology which will speed up data accessibility, increase data quality, increase data integration, and provide fast and exceptional data interpretation. This allows our clients (and external stakeholders) to see results quicker and allows us to make decisions faster while still gathering the proper information to bring the long term spill response to conclusion in a more timely fashion.

Our SME (Subject Matter Experts) at Chemistry Matters Inc. will play a critical role along with SMEs at Applied Aquatic Research (AAR), and Statvis Analytics Inc to ensure SME Response is the go to Team for Spill Response, Environmental Forensics, Chemistry and Toxicology, Biomonitoring, Aquatics Biology, Wildlife Monitoring, and HazMat, - Globally.

These are exciting times for Chemistry Matters Inc. My focus remains steady on building the expertise within Chemistry Matters. This partnership will mean more emergency response work for our ever-growing team, as well as more control over the science going into the emergency response in the first place. Through SME Response we can direct the science such that a response can reach a natural end point, not just endless data collection for the sake of more data, in hopes that it is enough to be convincing – a recurring concern globally.

This will be another exciting year at CMI as we grow the company, expand our client list and find bigger and more challenging projects together with our new partnership companies at SME Response.



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