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Arson sample collection - Any old paint can will do? Part 1

As I was preparing my training seminar for a presentation on Forensics Laboratory Analysis and Process to be delivered at Life of a Fire Investigator seminar being hosted by the Fire Investigation Association of Alberta (FIAA), I came across some information on cans for sample collection. I thought it would be good to...

Legal sampling field notes - up for legal scrutiny?

I was testifying several weeks at a trial for a case I have been working on for three years. Most legal cases can drag on for very long periods of time.  All cases that I have been on have lasted a minimum of 2 years.

Is exposure to wildfire smoke bad for my health?

With the smoky haze that has spread across southern BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan from a very large wildfire in Washington state. There are health advisories issued across the provinces.

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