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Do Samples Need Ice for Storage and Transport to the Laboratory?

During my seminars on arson and legal sampling over the years, one fundamental question is asked a lot regarding the collection of samples for ignitable liquid residue (ILR) analysis for a potential arson investigation. That question is, "Do my samples really need ice for storage and transport to the laboratory?"

How does the Golden Age of Analytical Chemistry Apply to ILR Analysis?

As part of my seminars, with the latest being in April 2017 at the 2017 International Association Arson Investigations (IAAI) in Las Vegas, I routinely discuss the future of analytical chemistry, and in this case how it applies to ignitable liquid residue(ILR) analysis.

I will tell the audience that we are currently...

What Sample Container is Best for Fire Debris Analysis?

I was attending and presenting at the 2017 International Association Arson Investigations (IAAI) Conference in Las Vegas in April. My four hour presentation covered many aspects of legal sampling and chain of custody as well as providing a fundamental description of laboratory analysis of ignitable liquid residues...

2DGC: Why You Need to Know about this Niche Analytical Technique

You may have heard about an analytical technique called 2DGC or Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography. Or perhaps you have not.

Can Statistical Sampling Give You Better Data & Save You Money?

Sampling can easily run up the costs of an investigation. As expert chemists, it's our responsibility to balance cost with collecting the proper number of samples for our clients.

2016 Round Up

2016 has been an exciting year. Chemistry Matters tackled many new challenges: from hosting the plenary at the INEF conference in Sweden to handling investigations here at home.

BY Court Sandau chemistry matters

Understand the "Why" before Collecting a Sample

Just Grab a Sample? Wait! Not so fast!

Unfortunately, I hear the words "just grab a sample" too often in my line of work.

6 Ideas to Make a Flawless Transfer of Chain of Custody to the Lab

Imagine This...

You have just finished a very large field program.  You must have collected nearly 100 samples, all different matrices (water, soil, sediment, product samples), and multiple analyses are needed.  You have COCs (chain of custody forms) filled out for everything, and you are driving over to the...

The Highlights and Summary of Dioxin Conference 2016

This past week, I was able to attend the Dioxin conference in Florence, Italy.  The conference is 36 years old, and it was started for the topic of Dioxins. Over the years, the conference has expanded to cover many more contaminants, but today, it mostly covers everything on persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

5 Outlooks for Environmental Forensics – Conclusion: Solving the Issue of Data Handling

This is the conclusion of the blog series on 5 outlooks of Environmental Forensics.

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