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Losing money on inconclusive soil gas migration testing?

Have you ever had a site where several gas migration tests were completed but received no clear answer as to whether or not the well was leaking.  Then, when you exposed the wellhead, the gas migration (GM) was blatantly obvious.  Maybe it looked something like this…

BY Court Sandau Geoforensics

Sweet 16 - The Original PAHs

I am deep into preparing materials to teach for a 2 day seminar on polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that is coming up in November. I am gathering the information for the seminar, scouring the latest literature to find good support material. It is a very big task to get done to have something of real value for the...

Arson sample collection - Any old paint can will do? Part 2

The training seminar presentation on Forensics Laboratory Analysis and Process which was delivered at Life of a Fire Investigator seminar being hosted by the Fire Investigation Association of Alberta (FIAA) went very well. It was nice to meet those involved in FIAA and have the opportunity to talk with them. I thought...

Arson sample collection - Any old paint can will do? Part 1

As I was preparing my training seminar for a presentation on Forensics Laboratory Analysis and Process to be delivered at Life of a Fire Investigator seminar being hosted by the Fire Investigation Association of Alberta (FIAA), I came across some information on cans for sample collection. I thought it would be good to...

Legal sampling field notes - up for legal scrutiny?

I was testifying several weeks at a trial for a case I have been working on for three years. Most legal cases can drag on for very long periods of time.  All cases that I have been on have lasted a minimum of 2 years.

PAHs from wildfires and wildfire smoke

It was not that long ago that a smoky haze was across southern Alberta from fires in Washington State.  The haze was caused by wildfires and the winds moved the smoke over Alberta.  Wildfires seem to be very common lately with the latest one making the news from California. Wildfires can be caused naturally or caused by...

Is exposure to wildfire smoke bad for my health?

With the smoky haze that has spread across southern BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan from a very large wildfire in Washington state. There are health advisories issued across the provinces.

BY Court Sandau Arson Investigations

When Should You be Concerned with a Gas Migration Investigation?

An often-overlooked statement in the Energy Resource Conservation Board (ERCB)/Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) suggests procedures for gas migration testing, as outlined in Directive 20, reads:  “Testing is to be done only in frost-free months. Periods immediately after a rainfall have to be avoided.”

Part II: Are Your Surface Casing Vent Flows 'Show'ers or 'Flow'ers?

Last week, we presented a problem with regard to “peek-a-boo” SCVs, where data results are inconsistent at best. Because of this variability in the 'show'ers, the standard test may not capture the event appropriately. As prefaced in last week’s post, your data shows periodic flow and no buildup pressure. The well will...

BY Court Sandau Geoforensics

Are your surface casing vents 'show'-ers or 'flow'-ers?

Easy to know where this title came from . . . if you don't know, I won't be telling you online. This title actually came from one of our clients and was used to describe their issues with testing surface casing vent flows. Some were definite ‘flows’, with gases and/or liquids coming out of the surface casing...

BY Court Sandau Geoforensics

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