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Steve Shideler

Steve Shideler


Steve Shideler brings his passion for applying scientific knowledge and experience with big data to the Chemistry Matters team. Steve Shideler is and Environmental Data Analyst with Chemistry Matters. He holds a BSc in Biological Sciences with a focus in environmental and pathogenic microbiology, as well as an MSc in Microbiology, Infectious Diseases – both from the University of Calgary.
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Tidy Data

As a teenager, I was notorious in my family for having the messiest of rooms. While I preferred to call it “organized chaos” rather than a mess, I cannot deny the amount of time and effort I spent (wasted) when needing to locate something in that chaos. The struggles I had in finding that missing sock, or my essay I...

BY Steve Shideler Data Science, Big Data

Big Data GCxGC Analysis and Potential Applications in Forensics

Having recently joined the team at Chemistry Matters Inc., I am excited to have transitioned from academic science to an industry position that has allowed me to apply, on a daily basis, laboratory techniques that I learned and practised during my undergraduate and graduate studies.


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