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What does the Human Genome, every image on Google and your chemical data set all have in common?

High-dimensional data reduction using Machine Learning can help find the commonalities hidden in big data.

The ability to collect data is constantly exponentially evolving and there has a been a surge in exploring the world of ‘Big Data Analytics’ in environmental forensics. This coupled with the high-throughput and...

Building trust in statistical models for environmental data

Models and modelling, I was never a big fan. I always thought that you could make models say whatever you want them to say. But, many years later, I have changed my tune, particularly for statistical models. Used right, models can provide convincing lines of evidence that you have the correct answer to your scientific...

BY Court Sandau Data Science, machine learning

Big Data GCxGC Analysis and Potential Applications in Forensics

Having recently joined the team at Chemistry Matters Inc., I am excited to have transitioned from academic science to an industry position that has allowed me to apply, on a daily basis, laboratory techniques that I learned and practised during my undergraduate and graduate studies.


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